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Veal belly

Also called pancetta or fianchetto, veal belly is a third-rate cut attached to the brisket (or steak), in the front part of the veal. It is flat and very rich in fat and cartilage, so much so that it is also used to prepare minced meat.

The veal belly, however, is very suitable to be cut into a pocket and stuffed (with vegetables of your choice, cheese or other). You can ask the butcher to prepare it or, if you prefer to do it at home, it should be cut horizontally to about half thickness with a long-bladed knife and then opened with your hands to insert the filling.

The pancetta is used to prepare the Genoese top, a Ligurian specialty stuffed with veal, peas and other vegetables, which is served cold cut into slices. Bacon is also found in beef but has a more stringy texture. Like all beef, veal is largely imported (especially Danish and Dutch) but you can also find animals of fine Italian breeds such as Chianina (Tuscan) and Romagna.

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