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Papaya is a tropical fruit in the shape of a large pear, characterized by a thin yellow-green skin and a fragrant orange-colored pulp, inside which there is an agglomeration of black seeds. Originally from tropical America, it now grows in many hot countries around the world.

It contains a very high percentage of water, therefore this fruit is extremely thirst-quenching as well as noncaloric. Plus, it has an enzyme (papain) very important for the digestion of proteins.

In addition to being a fresh fruit, it can be used to make desserts, jams and sorbets.

BABACO Carica pentagona - It belongs to the papaya family and grows between 1,800 and 2,000 meters high in the Andes of the equator. Its color varies according to the degree of ripeness, from green to yellow, and can weigh up to one kg. It is eaten fresh in sorbets and fruit salads, or cooked, sliced and fried, with white meats.

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