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Yellow potato

Yellow potato

Yellow- fleshed potatoes are firm, compact and not very floury. Qualities that make them suitable for frying, baked, stewed and boiled. Basically, they can be cooked in any way as long as they are not crushed: mashed potatoes, gnocchi and soft compounds in general would be too "sticky". In Italy they are grown mainly in the North and Center and are always available (in fact the harvest takes place several times throughout the year).

Agata, Spunta, Marabel, Liseta, Lutetia and Arsy are among the most common varieties; the Primura di Bologna Dop is valuable. Regardless of the type, the hard and dry ones found in mountain resorts are excellent. When purchasing, check that they are not soft and do not have sprouts or green areas.

They can be kept for a week in the dark and cool (not in the fridge), in a paper bag (never in plastic).

How to cut yellow potatoes

Sliced: the round slices for trays, tielle and omelettes are cut with a good smooth blade knife. If it is well sharpened it will allow you to obtain a thin thickness, about 3 millimeters, so that you can put the potatoes in a pan or in a pan without having to blanch them.

With sticks: for the frying cut there is a practical tool that in an instant reduces the potatoes into identical sticks, favoring uniform cooking. Alternatively, use the knife: cut slices 1 cm high and then reduce them to sticks 1 cm wide.

Wavy: the wavy blade cutter is used like a knife to make slices or sticks: the irregular surface it gives to the potatoes is pleasantly decorative and gives greater crunchiness in frying.

Icing: with the horizontal blade potato peeler, but also with the vegetable or cheese mandolins, you can obtain almost transparent slices, ideal for preparing chips or for stuffing savory pies, pizzas and focaccias.

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