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Round chilli pepper

The round hot pepper is just one of the many types of peppers grown in Italy. There are elongated, round or conical ones , with different colors and degrees of spiciness and with specific uses in the kitchen; but they are all varieties of chilli that belong to the same species ("capsicum annum"). The most common and most available chilli pepper in the fresh state - ideal for stuffing - is the “cherry”, also known as the “Calabrian round” chilli.

The fruits, small and round, when ripe are a beautiful bright red and very spicy. The plant prefers warm climates , which is why it is grown mainly in the South, where it is harvested from mid-June to October.However, the round peppers can also be grown in the gardens of the north, (with sowing in March), as well as in pots. , due to their ornamental appearance. Price: around 8 € / kg.

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