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Pear abate fetel

Large (up to 260 g), abate pears are characterized by a thin , yellowish and slightly “rusty” skin around the stalk, sometimes suffused with red on the side most exposed to the sun.

Abate fetel pears have white , juicy pulp and a sweet-sour taste. For about 20 years they have been grown mainly in the Po Valley, in the territories of Ferrara, Modena and Mantua, where with 5 other types of pears they have obtained two IGPs: Mantovana and Emilia Romagna.

This area is where the production of pears is concentrated in Italy (over 65%), in turn the country that holds the world record. Abbot is the main cultivated variety (around 42%) and among the most popular for fresh consumption. After harvesting, they are on sale until the following spring: stored in a controlled atmosphere, they are gradually placed on the market until the end of March.

The product that is on the market in season, therefore, is all of national origin and is also exported (especially to Germany and France), while in the other months it is imported from Argentina.

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