Pear thigh

The thigh pear is an early variety of pear , typical of summer: it is harvested from July and marketed until September. It has a medium-small size, with a thin skin , of a uniform light green color which, when the fruit is completely ripe, turns to pale yellow, with pinkish streaks (the so-called “face”) on the part most exposed to the sun. The white pulp of the thigh pear , dark, juicy and with a slightly grainy texture, has a sweet and delicate flavor , excellent enjoyed in combination with semi-mature and spicy cheeses.

Since it is very delicate, the thigh pear is harvested unripe: the advice is to keep the pears for a few days in a paper bag. If, on the other hand, you buy it already ripe, as it deteriorates quickly, it should be kept in the refrigerator, bringing it back to room temperature before enjoying it. Very famous are the Coscia pears grown in Sicily, in the territory of Agrigento and Catania.

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