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White peach

July marks the peak of the local white peach harvest, available on the market until the end of September. The peel has a whitish background color with a pale red blush, even when the fruits reach full ripeness. The pulp is also light , sometimes with shades around the petiole, melting and juicy, often more fragrant than other types of peaches. However, these characteristics are variable, considering that new types are always introduced in the cultivation of peaches, both to meet the taste of consumers and to expand the harvest calendar.

Among the recent varieties of white peaches , Maria Bianca (obtained from the ancient Michelini) is appreciated for its round, large and excellent flavor fruits. It is one of the four white-fleshed cultivars that have obtained the Igp in Emilia Romagna. Italy is the second largest producer of peaches in the world (after China). Cultivation is widespread in all regions and particularly concentrated in Emilia Romagna and Campania.

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