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Chicken breast

Chicken breast is a cut consisting of the breast muscles with the bones and without the skin and is sold whole, cut in half or filleted. It weighs from 300 to 600 g, depending on the animal it comes from: the meat must be firm and elastic, not soft, and the bones not elastic.

Most of the chicken on the market comes from traditional farms which, although no longer in battery, are intensive and aimed at a rapid growth of the animals. There are also animals raised outdoors, which follow a more natural diet, and organic, with different organoleptic characteristics but higher prices (especially organic ones).

Before purchasing it is therefore important to inquire about the supply chain. Chicken breast is one of the leanest parts of the animal (0.8 g / 100 g of fat, mainly unsaturated) but rich in proteins, more than the bovine; it is also very digestible because it is poor in connective tissue and with small muscle fibers.

Versatile, chicken breast is prepared on the grill, breaded, stuffed , in rolls, in strips stir-fried, diced with curry, boiled in salads. The important thing is not to let it dry too much during cooking to prevent it from becoming stringy

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