Pie is a sweet preparation consisting of a shortcrust pastry base, which is then variously covered. This dessert is prepared in a special round mould, with low and usually fluted walls. It can be cooked "in white": in this case the shortcrust pastry, placed in the mould, is covered with aluminum paper and dried beans; then it is baked in the oven and afterwards it stuffed with fruit or other ingredients that do not require cooking. Shortcrust pastry can also be cooked after covering it with jam, fruit or cream. In the case, before covering the dough, it is best to protect it with a veil of powdered dry biscuits or a brush of unbeaten egg white.

Are you planning a Halloween party? These pumpkin fritters are perfect for your dinner: they are tasty, easy to make and can be served either as an appetizer or a side dish.

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