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Plum is a summer fruit of Asian origin. There are many varieties, which can be divided into two large groups: the Eurasian plums (Prunus domestica) and the Sino-Japanese ones (Prunus Simonii).

The so-called "Spiccagnole" plums belong to the first category, that is the one with pulp not adherent to the stone; among these we will remember: the «Regina Claudia», with green skin and yellowish pulp; the "California", large-fruited, with yellow pulp and purple skin; the «President» also with purplish skin and an elongated shape. Among the Sino-Japanese: the "Dragon's Blood", with red skin and pulp and a large spherical shape; the equally red «Santa Rosa»; the «Golden Drop» with golden pulp and yellow skin, which is sweet and juicy.

Excellent as a fresh fruit, plum is also widely used for preservation (dried) and in confectionery for cakes, puddings and jams.

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