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Pink grapefruit

Pink grapefruit is a hybrid born in the United States in the 1930s from the crossing of white grapefruit with orange. The fruits have a thin skin (that of the white grapefruit is characterized by a thick clear and spongy layer, the albedo), a more inviting pulp (between pink and orange) and a more sugary taste (in the white it tends to be bitter. ).

The most popular pink grapefruit varieties are Star Ruby (1970) and Rio Red (1984). The results met with the favor of the market, so much so as to favor new hybridizations to obtain fruits with an intense red pulp. In Italy, the pink grapefruit is grown in our citrus-growing areas (Sicily and Calabria); however, to integrate the productions and to make it available all year round, most of the product on the market is imported from Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Florida (considered among the most valuable) and South Africa (in summer).

Unlike white grapefruit, which due to its sour taste lends itself to juices and savory preparations in the kitchen, pink grapefruit can also be enjoyed as a table fruit.

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