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Porcino Mushroom

Porcino is the name given to four highly prized varieties of mushrooms of the Boleto genus. The best known is the boletus edulis.

The firm and abundant pulp, the intense aroma and the delicious flavour make porcino the king among all mushrooms. It grows in deciduous forests or in oak and chestnut forests, precisely between the end of summer and autumn.

The high quality characterizes the fresh spontaneous national mushrooms, among which the most valuable are those of Borgotaro (Parma).However, many of those on the market come from Eastern Europe. To this end, it is not mandatory to indicate the origin on the label. In any case, whatever their origin, porcini mushrooms are always subjected to mandatory checks.

When purchasing, it is important to check that the porcini mushrooms are healthy, firm and a little moist, but not wet, this is in fact a sign that the seller may have sprinkled them with water to make them gain weight.

How to store porcini mushrooms

As soon as they are purchased, the porcini mushrooms have to be wrapped in kitchen paper, closed in a paper bag and kept in the least cold part of the fridge for 1-2 days. In the freezer, on the other hand, they can be kept for 3-4 months, but before freezing them, it is important to clean them very well and cut them into not too thin. When it is time to use them, do not defrost them, but put them in the pan as soon as they have been removed from the freezer, in this way they will maintain their consistency.

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