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Potato soup with Riesling wine

Potato soup with Riesling wine
200 milliliters Riesling wine
100 grams potatoes
100 grams leek
300 milliliters cooking cream
1 tablespoon butter
200 milliliters chicken broth
300 milliliters milk
100 grams onion
white pepper
aromatic herbs

Peel the onion and cut it finely, then wash the leek and mince it. Peel also the potatoes, reduce them in pieces and wash them under a jet of cold water so they don't become darker.

In a pan with butter brown the onion and leek, add the potatoes and afterwards pour the white wine and chicken broth; cook until the potatoes soften. At this point blend and sift the soup. Add to it the milk, cream and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Put the soup back on the stove in order to heat it and if you like, pour a little wine so to give it more taste. Whip the remaining cream and serve. Finally garnish with some aromatic leaves and sprouts.

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