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Norwegian lobster

The Norwegian lobster is a valuable crustacean belonging to the Decapod family, that is the family of ten legged shellfishes. The body can reach a length of 25 cm and consists of a pink and light yellow shell with slightly thorny claws.

Decapods are widespread in all Italian seas as well as in the rest of the Mediterranean and the eastern Atlantic. Their demand surpasses the quantities of caught fish, so the import is substantial: scampi are in fact imported frozen or chilled from Norway and Scotland. The size of these kind of crustaceans, which go from 10 to 20 cm in length, affects greatly the sale price.

The fresh ones have the highest price, whereas live imported langoustines cost less due to the difference with the initial price , the chilled and frozen ones have even a lower price because of the lower transportation costs. Fresh prawns, smaller versions of langoustines, have a pink or slightly orange shell with no dark spots and a bright black eye, plus they have no ammonia smell. Prawns should be eaten fresh since they deteriorare quickly and are best cooked steamed to fully enjoy their exquisite flavour.

The pulp, which is obtained from the tails, is white and has in fact a delicate flavour. The lobster can be cooked with its shell but simple preparations (for example fried, grilled or in a pan) require it with no shell. It is also present in haute cuisine recipes.

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