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Quail eggs: alternative to chicken eggs

Small and versatile, suitable as an aperitif or main course, let's deepen their biological characteristics and properties

The eggs are experiencing their moment of glory. From a poor dish they now represent the flagship of the menu of many masters of the kitchen. And alongside the traditional proposals , quail eggs appear more and more often , an alternative (greedy and equally nutritious) to the classic chicken eggs, to be known and taken into consideration, for the positive aspects and nutritional qualities.

Carla Lertola , dietician and Valentina Bolli , dietician explain “Quail eggs are still little used but they can represent an excellent source of protein , like traditional eggs. In reality, they contain an even greater quantity of it , presenting at the same time a lower quantity of fat and above all a much lower percentage of cholesterol .

If we make a comparison between the various types of eggs, those of quail are a little more caloric than traditional ones (about 160 calories per 100 gr. Against 128 per 100 of chicken eggs) but their weight is lower (20 g versus 60 of the classics) therefore they can be consumed, in moderation, even in slightly lighter diets . The most caloric eggs of all, on the other hand, are bottarga and caviar, even if we eat less of them, so the calories are actually drastically reduced ". As for the biological characteristics, quail eggs boast several fundamental elements for the well-being of the body. Lertola and Bolli say "Much always depends on nutrition, but in general it can be said that quail eggs contain a good dose of vitamin B12, useful for the formation of red and white blood cells , for this reason they can compensate for the role of other protein in vegetarian diets . Then retinol and carotene, two substances very useful to the body ". And again calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron, with beneficial effects as regards anemia.

Like the traditional ones, however, care must be taken for subjects with allergies . Lertola and Bolli underline “Some studies show that individuals allergic to chicken eggs are often also allergic to quail eggs . In fact, egg white contains ovalbumin and ovotransferrin, components that represent the main source of allergy. "

In the kitchen they are very versatile; they can lend themselves to tempting finger foodas an aperitif or as a main course , in combination with emulsions or sauces (such as mustard) or to enrich salads . Finally, as the doctors suggest, "they can represent a valid substitute for classic chicken eggs for our children, who are increasingly looking for fun and delicious foods".

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