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Radishes, allies to taste

Detox, diet and relaxation. These and other healthy properties of radishes, which add a touch of well-being and taste to our diet.

They are small, colorful, crunchy, tasty and… underused! Radishes lend themselves to giving an aesthetic and taste note to our recipes, and enrich our diet with their healthy properties. Let's see why we should eat them.

Number one: detox. Of course, the best recipe for this is not when they are greedily stuffed with gorgonzola, but in salads with tomato and cucumber for example (and avocado if we want to add protein and healthy fats) they are liver allies . Do you know the jaundice, the yellowish color of the skin and the part of the eyes due to the high blood levels of the bile pigment, bilirubin? It is often a symptom of a liver that needs help. And radishes do that, as they remove bilirubin, stabilize its production, and protect red blood cells. Observe yourself well in the balls of the eyes! And even though they are as white as snow, radishes can only help your diet. But it is not only the liver that benefits from the purifying effect of radish, quite the contrary. Your kidneys will also say "thank you" and if you have problems such as heartburn, radishes are for you.

Number two: diet . These small spicy vegetables are very rich in water and potassium, stimulate diuresis and therefore help fight fluid accumulation and cellulite . Among the minerals, which radishes do not skimp on (iron, phosphorus, calcium etc), the most significant is potassium, which prevents water retention and promotes the elimination of excess liquids. Their caloric intake is almost tender : 11 to 16 calories per 100 grams! They are also rich in fiber, useful for promoting a sense of satiety and have a low glycemic index (ie the speed at which blood sugar increases after consumption).

Number three: relax. The main phytotherapeutic use of radish is the antispasmodic one, as their regular consumption helps to relax the muscles and the nervous system. This is why they have traditionally been highly regarded as sleep conciliators .

It certainly does not end there: radishes are truly custodians of many gifts of well-being, nutrients that have a positive effect on health. Among the vitamins C stands out but it also contains those of group B and in particular folates and also lutein and zeaxanthin, with an antioxidant action . They have, among other things, antiseptic and antibacterial properties (useful in case of flu), they help to eliminate parasites in the intestine and in the form of a decoction or infusion, radish is a cough suppressant and counteracts respiratory tract infections. Don't forget this in case of hemorrhoids. And last but not least, for the summer season: did an insect bite you? Rub a slice of radish: it will help soothe the itch.

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