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Piedmontese breed

The Piedmontese breed is the most widespread Italian beef breed . The production area is Piedmont (97% of the heads), in particular the province of Cuneo, followed by Turin, Asti and Alessandria. Of medium size, the cattle are characterized by the "double rump", that is a muscular hypertrophy of the rump and thigh, which increases the yield at the slaughter of the breed: in Piedmontese they call it "fassun" (fassone), hence the name fassone with which it is also called.

The Piedmontese breed is protected by the Coalvi, a consortium that makes voluntary labeling regulations available to its members. The participating butchers can thus provide useful information on the product through the receipt. The meat, very valuable, has excellent characteristics: it is low in fat (0.5-1% against 3% of the average), with reduced presence of saturates and a good level of unsaturates.

Furthermore, having little connective tissue, the Piedmontese breed is very tender and compact. In the kitchen it is excellent in every way: raw , beaten with a knife at Alba; boiled or braised , in traditional classics; roasted, grilled, sliced.

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