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Royal veal

The meat of the royal is a cut of the bovine anterior, which is part of the animal's neck, also called tenerone in Piedmont. The whole piece, which in veal weighs about 3 kg and in beef about double, can be divided into 3 different parts, which are also suitable for different uses.

The first, close to the loin, cut into slices is similar to the rib and therefore it is also excellent for grilled steaks on the bone. The second part, the central one, is suitable for scallops. Finally the tip , more marbled, is perfect for long cooking such as boiled meats, braised meats, stews and, a little defatted, also for roasts.

The meat of the real is in fact quite rich in fat and the slice, not compact because it is composed of 3 muscle groups joined by connective tissue, is soft and not dry after prolonged cooking. The most prized royal is calf (the Piedmontese breed is a real gem) but it is also found in adult cattle.

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