Very valuable crustacean that lives on the rocky bottoms of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The "structure" of the lobster is divided into 3 parts: the head or cephalothorax, with 5 pairs of legs, 2 long antennae, and 2 shorter antennae right in the central part of the head; the abdomen, which contains the edible part, is commonly called the tail. The shell of the lobster is very hard and, depending on the variety, can be pink, reddish-brown, and flecked with yellow. Whatever the color, the lobster in cooking always becomes a nice bright red. A fresh lobster should be quite heavy, but it shouldn't exceed 3 pounds and a half. Since the crustacean has a lot of waste (almost 70 percent), we need to calculate a weight of about 14 ounces per head.

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