The red mullet is a sea fish belonging to the Mullidae family, characterized by the red color of the skin. In Italy, there are two species: the striped red mullet and the red mullet. The first, with golden stripes along the body, has more valuable flesh, despite being very rich in thorns. The meat has a very delicate consistency so, during cooking, it must be treated carefully so as not to break it.

This fish lends itself to various cooking, except for boiling. One of the most typical preparations is the stewed one; however, the mullet is also excellent fried, baked in foil, and in soups.

Here's an easy way to dress up your chicken breasts and make them special enough for a dinner party. This combination is from Emilia Romagna, where both Parma ham and Parmesan are made. You can substitute veal for the chicken if you prefer

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