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Rice is a plant (Oryza sativa) of the Graminaceae family, cultivated worldwide and considered the major nourishment for Asian people. Rice is born and grows in water, forming thin-stemmed seedlings that carry a small panicle at the top in which yellowish grains are enclosed. These are peeled and subjected to a series of processes, at the end of which it is possible to obtain different types of rice: from wholemeal to "refined."

Rice can be divided into four large groups: the common, the semi-fine, the fine, and the superfine. To each of these groups belong different varieties, suitable for different preparations thanks to their intrinsic characteristics.

Rice culture in the world: rice has been growing on the earth for about 12,000 years and is cultivated in 113 countries worldwide. The most common are Jndica, typical of tropical climates, and Japonica, which is cultivated in temperate climates.

Widely used in South Asia's gastronomy, glutinous rice has an elongated opaque white fine grain, which becomes sticky when cooked due to its high starch content. Despite the misleading name, it does not contain gluten. The beans, boiled until they absorb water, are used in sweet and savory recipes. Flour is also produced from this rice.

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