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Sardinia roasted tuna

Carloforte is a shard of Liguria in the blue sea of Sardinia. Its seafood cuisine is delicious and is famous especially for tuna

The roasted tuna Carlofortina is not a simple recipe for a second of fish, but, is a blend of flavors and ancient customs that makes this recipe an integral and irreplaceable part of the traditions and culture of Carloforte. It is a plate codified with a notarial deed by the Delegation of Cagliari of the Academy and enters fully among the dishes of the gastronomic tradition of Carloforta.

Sale&pepe offers you the original recipe as it is, simple and quick to prepare: a sort of braised meat made with fresh tuna or, better, with fried tuna fish and then blended with white wine, completed with a little tomato sauce and scented with bay garlic and a hint of vinegar. The resultant is the second course of fish unique and really tasty. Try the recipe now! Today brings to the table the flavors of Sardinia: roasted tuna di carlofortina.

​To make the recipe of roasted tuna with carlofortina first cut the tail tuna (tail muscle) getting 6 slices about 1.5 cm high and fry in plenty of oil for frying. In a separate pan, brown the peeled garlic cloves and the bay leaf with extra virgin olive oil, add the fried tuna, let its flavor for a moment, and then blend with white wine.

Salt, add the tomato sauce, bay leaf, and blend with a splash of white wine vinegar. Let the bottom reduce and cook until the fish is tender. Serve the roasted tuna carlofortina.

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