Salami is a mixture of generally pork or mixed meat (including horse and beef), enclosed in a casing with salt and spices. Maturing takes place over a period ranging from 2 to 9 months. Information on ingredients and manufacturing facility are indicated on the label. There are many varieties of salami . They are distinguished by the fine, medium or coarse grinding of the meat and fat; but also for the scents used (pepper, fennel, chilli ...) and for the type of casing, which can be natural or synthetic.

How to combine salami

Tuscan rustic bread is the ideal companion for sliced salami . However, there are other ways to serve this sausage: the most suitable combination is with pickles such as gherkins, capers and onions. A seasonal classic is the combination of salami with primosale cheese or fresh pecorino and broad beans. To experiment with unusual flavors, the salami is to be tried with kiwi and dried plums.

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