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Hungarian salami

The Hungarian salami is originally from Hungary, where the production of this specialty began in the nineteenth century. Slightly different from the salami from beyond the Alps, the Hungarian salami produced in Italy is a pork sausage, with about 30% fat, which are finely minced and flavored with a mixture where the Hungarian spice par excellence prevails: sweet paprika. .

The mixture is stuffed into natural or artificial casings and subjected to smoking which, for the finest products, is still made with the natural method, with mountain woods. After a maturation of 3 months (for the 4 kg pieces), cylindrical salami are born, with a diameter of about 10 cm, covered with a thin whitish mold.

When cut, the salami slices are characterized by a bright red color dotted with white, with a very fine grain and compact consistency. The taste is soft and sweet, delicately smoked and defined by the notes of paprika. An unmistakable characteristic, which distinguishes the "Hungarian" from the "Milan", with which it is sometimes confused. The Hungarian salami should be tasted thinly, accompanied with white or black bread and paired with structured beers, or with lively and lively red wines.

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