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Salmon is a fish that belongs to the Salmonid family. It is born in fresh water, then goes down to the sea and goes up the rivers to lay its eggs. This fish is found mainly along the northern coasts of Europe and the Atlantic side of America as well as in the rivers flowing into these seas. Today, however, it is also bred. It can reach 125 cm in length; it has an elongated body, moderately compressed, conical head, well adherent scales and dark blue-green skin, more silvery on the sides and belly.

The pulp, tasty and delicate, is pink, with a slight orange tinge. On the market it is available fresh, frozen, canned and smoked. Fresh salmon is prepared boiled, grilled (in slices), in a pan and even in the oven.

Smoked salmon is cut into very thin slices with a special knife and usually served as an appetizer, accompanied by toast, butter and lemon, but it can also be used to season pasta and risotto or to make mousses and other haute cuisine dishes.

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