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Salmon muffins

A really delicious dish, made out of natural ingredients: follow this recipe and create your salmon muffins

Salmon muffins
3.5 oz butter ( 100 g )
salt ( to taste )
7 oz salmon ( 200 g )
1 cup cream to whip
10.5 oz flour ( 300 g )
2 eggs
1/2 cup whole milk
1 tsp powdered yeast
1 tbsp fresh chives
2 oz whole yogurt ( 50 g )
1 tbsp wild fennel
1 tbsp salmon roe

Mix the ingredients

Start by mixing 2 eggs with a pinch of salt, ½ cup of milk, 10,5 oz of flour, a teaspoon of powdered yeast, 3,5 oz of melted butter, a tablespoon of thinly chopped fresh chives, and a tablespoon of wild fennel.

Complete the dough

Stir the muffin mix using a wooden spoon, until it will turn creamy and smooth. Pour the dough into buttered and floured muffin molds.

Bake, complete, and serve

Bake the muffins at 360°F for 20 minutes. Whip 1 cup of cream and add 2 ounces of thick yogurt. Let the muffins cool and add on them the sliced salmon. Then, decor the muffins by adding some cream and a teaspoon of salmon roe.

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