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Saltimbocca fish stuffed

Saltimbocca fish stuffed
12 Sardines
3 ounces Durum wheat semolina flour
2 ounces Black olives
1 ounces Stale bread
1 Onion
1 Egg white
Whole milk
Oil for frying

The saltimbocca ripieni are a typical dish of the Roman gastronomic tradition that has become famous all over the world as a "symbol" of the Italian cuisine itself.

​Start preparing the saltimbocca by opening the sardines in a book and eliminating the entrails, the head, and the fishbone (taking care not to separate the fillets). Then wash and dry them.

​Soften the bread in a little milk, keep it well and blend it with celery (previously washed, cleaned, and cut into pieces), sliced onion, and olives. Collect the mix inside a bowl, incorporate the egg white, salt, and pepper to taste.

Distribute the mixture for your saltimbocca stuffed on sardines and close them on themselves.

Pass the stuffed fish in the flour, pressing lightly flour them evenly. Fry the saltimbocca on both sides in plenty of boiling oil. When they are golden, take them with the help of a perforated dustpan, dry them on kitchen paper, salt and serve them still warm.

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