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Sausage is one of the most classic and oldest kinds of meat, which can be eaten either fresh (there are also seasoned types) or cooked. Sausages are produced with pure pork or with a mixture of pork and beef; the optimal ratio of lean to fat should be two to one. In mixed sausages, two thirds of «lean» are divided equally between pork and beef, while the fat is always pork. The stuffing takes place in sheep or artificial casings.

There is a rich production of sausages in Italy, with different characteristics and flavours. The treats range from simple salt and pepper to more complex mixes of aromas and spices. Sausages are great roasted, grilled and baked. In any case, before cooking them, they must always be pricked with a needle in order to prevent them from bursting during cooking and allow the fat to come out and melt (this can be added to a sauce, or be eliminated to obtain a "lighter" dish).

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