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Seafood risotto

Seafood risotto
10 ounces Rice
4 Shrimps
7 ounces Cuttlefish cleaned
17 ounces Mussels
2 Onions
1 cup wine
Extra virgin olive oil
14 ounces Shrimp
7 ounces Squid cleaned
17 ounces Clams
2 cloves garlic
2 Onions
2 Perini tomatoes
1 bunch parsley


Seafood risotto is one of the top dishes of Italian cuisine, its preparation is long and complex, but its refined taste will surely make you forget.

It is a must of Mediterranean cuisine, a fish dish that will make you feel at sea, even if you are in the city: it is the seafood risotto, a refined first course of Italian cuisine, ideal to be brought to the table all year round on special occasions.

There are several variations, but the Sale&pepe recipe is more a basic technique for preparing a seafood risotto perfect: rice is cooked with cuttlefish, squid, shrimp, and seafood, bathing it little by little with a fragrant fish broth; finally, stir-fried prawns complete this seafood risotto with their sweetness, balancing at the same time the flavor of the shellfish and enriching the risotto with taste and flavor. Risotto is a traditional Italian dish, a versatile preparation that you can prepare in many different ways, with meat, vegetables, fish, cheese, or simply with spices. In general, preparing a good risotto is not difficult, but it is necessary to follow its cooking in a rigorous manner by pouring the broth from time to time and stirring with patience: click here to discover the secrets of good saffron risotto. If today is a holiday and the family gathers at your home by the sea, it is the right opportunity to prepare a good seafood risotto! But, don't panic, wear the apron, Sale&pepe helps you to realize it steps by step, with videos, photos, and descriptive passages of the recipe. Without problems and difficulties, you will get an amazing seafood risotto! Are you ready to start? Preparation of fish broth and seafood for risotto.

Seafood risotto

Start preparing your seafood risotto worrying about the comic strip. Shell the shrimp by placing heads and shells inside a saucepan.

Add the vegetables and seasonings

Add the chopped tomatoes, 1 chopped onion, chopped parsley, chopped chili pepper.

The final part

1 liter of salted water, and a little wine; let it cook for 20 minutes and, When cooked, filter the broth with a strainer and having the care to crush heads and shells with a wooden spoon.

Prosecco risotto

Prosecco risotto

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Prosecco risotto

Prosecco risotto