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Smart working: remember the lunch break!

How to manage snacks when working from home? A few practical and delicious suggestions

Smart working - According to Eurostat data, over 10 million people in Europe work from home, with an increase of 700 thousand people between 2008 and 2018. In Italy the phenomenon has remained muted, with data below the European average, until the Coronavirus emergency.

Referring to the Panorama site for information on what the law says about this way of working, here we focus on the suggestions for better living smart working from the point of view of nutrition.

The importance of snacks

If you are a beginner, it is difficult to regulate both from a food point of view and in time management. The two main risks are: giving in to domestic distractions (very compelling in this sense are the dirty corners neglected up to now) or, vice versa, not being able to take even a minute off work, going well beyond the usual hours of work. work to conclude an important step.

In all this, the presence of the refrigerator and pantry a few meters from the workstation does not help at all: the disadvantage is always having something to munch on, without even the gaze of colleagues who imposes a bit of food modesty.

The good old moderation recommended since ancient times by philosophers is the answer. So the ideal is to organize the working day by providing a lunch break in the middle of the day and, in addition, a few minutes of relaxation with a snack in the middle of the morning and in the afternoon.

This is where we talk about the golden snack rules. It is worth remembering that a snack is a good habit: it should be done every day in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon. It must be adapted to people's activity: if it is true that children need more energy to grow and because they are always on the move, adults only need a fruit, a portion of vegetables, a little dried fruit or a slice of a homemade cake. The snack, however, must not weigh down, so no to elaborate desserts. Indeed, it is better that it is varied, alternating sweet and savory snacks.

Lunch break for those who do smart working

The lunch break should be light and nutritious. If there is no time for a good plate of pasta or to cook light but laborious dishes, the ideal are salads (here our recipes), single dishes based on barley or spelled and, finally, the classics sandwiches.

In the latter case you can vary every day, without abusing the cured meats and choosing many gourmet options including veggie burgers, sandwiches with white meats, stuffed with vegetables, classic Mediterranean combinations and even seafood sandwiches (the best sandwich recipes).

If you do not have the time or as a precaution you prefer to avoid the daily tour in the bakery, an idea is to buy fresh bread in quantity, cut the loaves in half and freeze them. Just take them out of the freezer in the morning and they'll be soft by lunchtime. If you like, you can also put them in the oven for a few minutes.

The best because they are rich in nutrients are wholemeal and cereal ones: there are spelled, rye or ancient grain flours. (Here some bread recipes to prepare in advance).

The importance of vegetables

We must never forget vegetables, whether cooked or raw. The savory pies that are prepared in advance are excellent and, if you choose the sandwich, a complete filling in this sense is constituted by the omelette, an advantageous dish from several points of view: it is also prepared in advance and is complete from a nutritional point of view .

To get organized, just make small omelettes made with eggs, milk, cheese and a pinch of salt and with the vegetables that are at home (our omelette recipes).

Sweet snacks?

The rule not to exceed is always valid: therefore you must not get heavy, but it is also a duty to gratify yourself a little: then go ahead for a snack with a few squares of dark chocolate.

The importance of staying hydrated

An important rule is to stay well hydrated. It seems trivial, but many forget to drink during the day, especially if they are not in the office where the presence of colleagues often encourages good practices.

Nutritionists explain that you should never be thirsty. It is necessary to drink about a liter and a half a day of water, to be alternated as desired with herbal teas and, why not, every day with good orange juice, rich in vitamin C which is not bad these days (here the other foods rich in vitamin C , to help the immune system).

by Barbara Roncarolo

March 2020

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