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Smooth-hound is a sea fish that belongs to the Galeid family. It is a disqualiform and is always sold dissected. Common throughout the Mediterranean and in the eastern Atlantic, the smooth-hound is a small shark (usually 60-90 cm in length, up to a maximum of 160 cm) not dangerous for humans, because it feeds on crustaceans , molluscs and small fishes.

Smooth-hound is suitable for many preparations (boiled, roasted or fried)and can be used instead of the more expensive swordfish. Since this fish doesn't live only in Italian seas, it is possible to find them imported frozen from other countries. In this case, the mandatory indications contain the area of origin where it was caught and also whether the product was frozen.

Among the various edible sharks, the smooth-hound is the most appreciated one, for this reason there are often attempts to sell other types of sharks instead of it. That is why the fishes are deprived of their skin, tail, fins and sometimes even of the head in order to make them unrecognizable. To avoid problems, it is good practice to buy the fish when it is intact and possibly have it skinned by the seller.

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