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Soufflé indicates a sweet or savoury preparation cooked in the oven at about 200° in a specific mold (it is important no to open the oven otherwise the mixture will not cook properly). Once baked, when the dough is risen and golden, the soufflé must be served immediately.

The salty soufflé is generally made with bechamel and other additional ingredients like cheese, meat, fish and vegetables, which have to be previously minced or mashed to a purée.

The success of a soufflé is given by the egg white, in fact it must be whipped until obtaining a dense snow: the air absorbed in the process will expand during baking thanks to the heat of the oven and cause the dough to rise, increasing therefore its volume and forming a kind of hat on top.

In the sweet soufflé the basic ingredient can be a cream or a fruit purée, mixed with egg whites, sugar and other flavouring elements.

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