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Pork shoulder

The pork shoulder is a cut divided into various parts: the first two, the muscle and the brione , are very veined, while the following three, the spindle , the priest's hat and the rump , are leaner. In a medium-small pig, the whole cut weighs about 1.5 kg. The rump, which can also be cut into slices, has a lean interior with veins, wrapped in a finger of fat and then by the rind, that is the skin of the pig , a few millimeters thick.

Although not in great demand, especially in Northern Italy where the leaner and more expensive loin and fillet are preferred, pork shoulder is very versatile in the kitchen, with the advantage of being cheap and tasty. It is excellent whole roast , to be cooked in the oven like that of veal, leaving the rind attached so that it becomes crispy with the heat of the grill. Or, having it cut by the butcher, you can roast it rolled up and, if you like, stuffed.

Pork shoulder is also very tasty to prepare braised meat, perhaps with mushrooms, or stew . Sliced not very high, it can be grilled while the muscle is perfect in mixed boiled meat, together with pork ribs.

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