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For stronger muscles, spinach and green leaves

Are you sporty? Scientific research has shown how nitrates, present in spinach and green leafy vegetables, help those who train.

Popeye was right: spinach really helps those who want to have strong, healthy muscles. And contrary to the belief that gym lovers should gorge themselves on meat and protein, light green leafy vegetables are the food indicated for them.

The secret is nitrates , essential substances for the growth of plants and very important for the functioning of the human body, especially during sports.

Their role was highlighted by a scientific study conducted by the University of Leuven, in Belgium. Participants, all people who regularly trained on a sporting level, were given nitrate supplements. People followed a specific sports program that included training even at low oxygen levels - a situation similar to that found in the mountains, at high altitudes, and that many athletes prefer for training.

Result: Within just five weeks, people's muscle fiber composition had changed, and sports performance improved. Other studies in the past had conclusions in line with these. However, the researchers' suggestion is not to stock up on dietary supplements - the safety of nitrates, when consumed in high doses, is not yet proven.

The strategy to get stronger is rather to increase the consumption of foods that are rich in it . Spinach, chard, catalonia, and so on and so forth, the more! But in what doses? The amount of nitrates in a portion varies, because their concentration changes enormously depending on the conditions in which the vegetables are grown , for example the type of soil, fertilizers etc.

The estimate, however, is that to reach the right dose of nitrates it takes two or three “cups" (“cups") of spinach , that is two or three good abundant handfuls.

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