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Pre-spring detox drink

Sparkling, but based on tea. Hot and spicy, but it's not mulled wine. Here are the drinks that help us get back in perfect shape, to prepare ourselves for beauty ...

Detox drink - Eliminate winter heaviness and toxins, purify yourself, hydrate yourself, start preparing your body for a new season of fitness. From decoctions to aloe juice infusions, a plant of immortality and beauty. And then fermented tea and lots of tap water: here are some practical tips to wash away stagnations and excesses with the right liquids.

We start from water, from pure and simple water, which we have the privilege of obtaining, good to drink, with a simple flick of the wrist from the sink in our kitchen. Drinking; start the day just by drinking. A nice glass of hot-lukewarm water ( with the juice of half or a lemon and a teaspoon of oil are a good morning! perfect for our body. It soon becomes a welcome habit that gives us a 'toothbrushing' effect in the intestine, and sets our bowels in useful motion early.

Let's fall in love with the water that flows in our house! Pot on the stove, let it simmer gently in large quantities by adding simple ingredients that make the drink more pleasant and at the same time medicinal. It is important to start with cold water and bring it to the boil only, after which cooking can continue, but without the bubbles becoming large and coarse. An excellent recipe is bay leaf + ginger (to which you can add lemon, peel first and juice then). You can use both the leaves (three or four for half a liter of water) and the berries (a teaspoon) of the bay leaf.

In this case it is a decoction, which should be gently boiled for a good quarter of an hour, with a lid, and then left to rest for a while before filtering and drinking. The decoctions are generally used for the hard parts of the plants, such as roots and berries, unlike the infusions which are those obtained by pouring boiling water over the chosen ingredients, which are usually the tender parts of the plant, such as fruits and leaves - and let it rest. about ten minutes before filtering and serving.

There are also many herbal teas on the market, where the components are combined and dosed according to precise indications. Drinking them regularly is a good habit, but don't overdo it. Excellent to support our liver are, for example, those based on dandelion (or dandelion) or milk thistle.

There are also various purifying juices, such as the one with birch sap, a supplement that promotes kidney function (but you can also make the infusion at home by buying the leaves of the plant, a different but valid way to benefit from it) or aloe , choosing the aloe vera one obtained only from gel.

Aloe, a medicinal plant par excellence that contains 200 principles for beauty and well-being, can be learned to use at home and it is not necessary to have large and beautiful plants from which to pre-empt the leaves: now they are also on the market, for example at some of the online distributors who bring home the boxes of vegetables & fruit and organic products. The freshly squeezed juice of the aloe gel - which constitutes a large part of the "flab" of its leaves - is very rich in antioxidant elements and enzymes that are very valid for our metabolism and good digestion. And it's really easy to prepare: just cut the leaves lengthwise, extract the gel and then quickly blend it with the water and any other chosen ingredients - especially the citrus juices. It should be consumed on an empty stomach, 1 to 3 tablespoons a day and can be stored in the glass in the fridge for up to a couple of weeks.

Finally, let's not forget the fermented teas, the best known of which is kombucha - which can be prepared at home. They support our well-being because, thanks to the slow action of the added yeasts and bacteria that caused fermentation (and that particular "sparkling" typical of the drink), as well as fermented foods are a powerful source of probiotics, they help digestion, absorb nutrients and rebalance the body.

So let's get in with the drink! But in this round, non-alcoholic and detox.

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