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Start the day with lemon water

Start the day with lemon water

The most talked about drink of the last year helps keep you healthy and has unexpected beneficial properties: it makes you lose weight, makes your skin beautiful, energizes, detoxifies the body. Do you know them all?

A simple, fast and healthy gesture. A ritual now for millions of people around the world: drinking the juice of half a lemon on an empty stomach, in warm water, as soon as you get up, is a panacea for beauty and health. Those who have not tried it yet, will be able to convince themselves of its beneficial properties by reading its qualities. Specialists call it a real "internal shower", as this drink is able to cleanse our body from the inside. With the arrival of cold weather, the vitamin C in lemons is an excellent defense against seasonal ailments. And with all the leftover lemons, you can indulge yourself in the kitchen using the leftover peel and its grated peel to please the palate. Here are all the properties of water and lemon.

Helps the immune system. Thanks to vitamin C: which removes viruses and bacteria, helps prevent seasonal ailments, strengthening the immune system.
Naturally cleanses the liver. The drink helps our liver in the difficult task of disposing of residues and toxins as it stimulates the production of urine and improves the work of enzymes in our body.
Rebalances the pH. The citric acid contained in lemons becomes alkaline when metabolized and helps to decrease the acidity levels of the body, rebalancing its pH. This is one of the best properties linked to this ritual: a balanced pH can in fact help reduce the risk of diseases such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, kidney problems.
Hydrates… from the inside. Lemon juice in the morning hydrates the body from the inside, helps replenish lost fluids, giving it new energy. Thanks to the antioxidants contained in the juice, it keeps the skin beautiful and performs an anti-aging action on the skin of the face, counteracting the onset of spots and wrinkles.
It makes you digest and fights constipation. By helping the production of bile, it allows the liver and gallbladder to work at their best, eliminates swelling and stimulates digestion and bowel movements. Contrary to what one might imagine due to the astringent properties of lemon, hydrating the stool stimulates the desire to go to the toilet just a few minutes after consuming the drink. This is why it is recommended for those suffering from constipation.
Helps to keep weight under control. Thanks to the pectin contained in the lemon whose fibers help control the sense of hunger. A lot of research has also shown that those who consume vitamin C are less prone to weight gain. Combining the good habit of water and lemon in the morning with a balanced diet and physical movement (vitamin C also helps you burn fat more quickly with activity) is a good insurance for a successful weight loss program.

When not to use lemon water. However, even this natural drink has its drawbacks: in the long run, lemon could in fact hurt the tooth enamel. This is why many recommend tasting it with a straw and then rinsing your mouth with fresh water. Attention also to those suffering from gastritis: for them the drink is not recommended, it is better to replace it with a relaxing herbal tea (for example with mallow).

Recipe. A glass of lukewarm water (from the tap or slightly heated on the stove), in which to squeeze the juice of half a lemon or a whole lemon if this is not too juicy. Choose possibly untreated lemons to prevent toxic substances from coming into contact with the drink. For those who do not like the acid taste of lemon, the addition of a teaspoon of honey is recommended. The drink should be drunk as soon as you get up on an empty stomach. It is then necessary to wait half an hour before breakfast to make the most of its beneficial properties. Meanwhile, with all the leftover peels, whole or grated, it is possible to think of tasty recipes for lunch and dinner.

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