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Horse mackerel

The horse mackerel fish is widespread in all Italian seas, especially in the South, where three different species of horse mackerel are caught, slightly different in color and in the size of the small teeth on the sides. They are fish that live at a depth of 50 to 500 meters. They can reach 50 cm in length, although the most frequent sizes are 15-30 cm (the commercial value increases according to the size).

The flavor of their meat is excellent, less fat than that of mackerel - a very similar fish - with a less strong flavor, while retaining all the qualities of blue fish. However, horse mackerel are in little demand on the market and fishermen often throw smaller ones overboard.

To clean the horse mackerel it is necessary to remove the rows of teeth on both sides and the different internal pins. If they are not ready, the best and most convenient way to clean them easily is to blanch them in boiling water first. They can be cooked in many ways: grilled, baked, boiled, pan-fried with tomato and olives. The fillets can be fried, while the pulp can be used for sauces, risottos and croquettes.

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