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Summer fatigue

Mineral salts and other key elements to ward off fatigue from the summer heat.

If the main causes of chronic fatigue are usually our intestinal bacteria (those that live in our belly, our second brain ), in summer the high temperatures and sun exposure can cause hypotension and exhaustion all due to the heat. .

Of course, there are various foods that help us with their cooling effect (and also the anti-heat spices ), but we will deepen here the foods that help us to integrate two fundamental elements to counteract summer fatigue: they are magnesium (mg ) and potassium (k) . Both mineral salts. Many foods rich in one, are also rich in the other. Starting with bananas.

Magnesium - which helps keep the levels of many other minerals high , such as calcium, zinc and potassium itself - is found in many foods. Among those that are richest in it, green leafy vegetables such as spinach (which as Popeye taught us are also really good for our muscles ). Nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, macadamias , Brazilian nuts are also very important:we mistakenly associate dried fruit only with the winter months , instead it should be eaten regularly all year round and in the warmer months it is a real support for our body.

[rebelmouse-image 25508568 alt = "164312" original_size = "1500x1000" expand = 1] The seeds. Then yogurt and semi-skimmed milk (which is also good after sport ). Also good fish, rich among other things in 'good fats', Omega 3 (here are the bestfishalternatives) , and B vitamins, in particular B6 (riboflavin and niacin) which allows to accelerate the conversion of food into energy (and also chases away the bad mood ). These are the other nutrients to keep an eye on to avoid heat energy collapse .

And let's not deprive ourselves of watermelon! (here how to choose the right one ). Last but not least, dark chocolate: this is just one of the many good reasons to eat it!

Dark chocolate - like spinach - is also rich in potassium . We all know that bananas have a good dose of it, while few know that the same is true for avocados and that both also exist in our own version . White beans, dried apricots, and raisins are other prime sources. And now that the season is approaching, let's not forget about mushrooms.

Finally, we also remember what does not help us at all to fight summer fatigue: all industrially processed foods and in particular refined carbohydrates such as the most common white bread and pasta flour , which cause the sugar levels in our blood to soar and then leave us ko just as quickly. Better to choose wholemeal pasta or rice (check that they are really wholemeal, and not just with the addition of bran!) And flours made with ancient grains : a safe investment in our health.

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