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Taleggio cheese

Taleggio is a cheese with a designation of origin, prepared mainly in the Taleggio Valley (in Lombardy), from which it takes its name. In the past, it was a seasonal cheese (it was prepared in the summer, in the mountain pastures), today it is on the market all year round.

It is prepared with whole cow's milk, in square molds of 8 inches on each side and 2 in height, lined with hemp cloth; after 24 hours the molds are removed from the molds, placed for 24 hours in ovens at 70°F and then salted, either with the dry system or by immersing them in a brine. A month of maturation follows, after which the cheese can be marketed. Taleggio does not have to mature for a long time (maximum 3 months), otherwise its flavor will spoil. Taleggio has a square shape, compact and soft texture, thin rind with a slightly pink color with gray and sage green molds. Its flavor is sweet, aromatic and truffle .

When heated, it melts perfectly, which is why it is ideal for preparing fondues, flans, crepes, creamy risottos and baked pasta. Or to enrich pizzas, savory pies and main courses. It can be kept in the fridge for 2-3 weeks, wrapped in a damp cloth that preserves its softness. Films that favor fermentation and alter the flavor should be avoided.

It is an excellent table cheese but can also be processed into cream and spread.

How to serve taleggio

Taleggio can be served at the opening or at the end of a meal. The combinations that enhance it are those with fruit, such as apples and pears, or honey with an intense flavor, such as chestnut, or even compotes, chutneys and fig, plum and onion jams. It is served in slices at room temperature and it is not necessary to remove the crust: it is sufficient to scrape it gently with a knife, before cutting it into slices.

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