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Tanning: with the right diet

Tanning: with the right diet

Many foods can help keep your skin healthy and keep your summer complexion longer. The nutritionist's suggestions.

Longed for, awaited, conquered. With sweat (it should be said) and dedication.

For many of us, tanning is one of the essential goals of summer holidays.

What would we not do to return to the city with that brown / amber color that erases the signs of fatigue from the face, giving us a healthier and fresher, younger and more relaxed look?

Unfortunately, however, the moment of glory does not last long; pollution, air conditioning, dehydration are just some of the factors that put a strain on our skin and the painstakingly obtained complexion.

Here are some tips from the nutritionist biologist Raffaella Melani to keep your tan as long as possible, with the help of nutrition.

They are above all the "superfoods of the skin", that is foods rich in vitamins and minerals, the foods capable of influencing pigmentation, due to the presence of carotenoids, strongly antioxidant substances (in particular beta-carotene) that stimulate the production of melanin, allowing to preserve the tan.

Let's see what they are.


Carrots have always been known to affect skin color, due to their high levels of carotenoids and vitamin A. A medium carrot offers more than the recommended daily intake of vitamin A, and helps improve vision and protect the skin from sun damage.

Dr. Melani suggests "To promote the beneficial effects of carrots, they must be consumed with the peel, because most of its vitamins and antioxidants accumulate right on its surface. In addition, to better assimilate them, it is good to cook them with a short cooking and combine them with a condiment "Fat", such as extra virgin olive oil ".


During the summer months the melon can help not only for the carotenoids contained in its orange pulp but also for its water content (about 90% of its weight) which allows for good hydration, which is also important for maintaining a tan. .


Tropical fruits are also worthy of special interest! "Mango is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K which supports normal blood clotting and the maintenance of healthy bones. Furthermore, it is a good source of antioxidants (such as quercetin, astragaline and gallic acid) which have also shown to have a protective function against the skin and some cancers ".

Passion fruit

Passion fruit is one of the few fruits to possess copper. This mineral supports the normal transport of iron in the body and the normal function of the immune system. In addition, the doctor clarifies "it is an antioxidant that plays a role in protecting the body's cells from oxidative damage and serves for the skin's pigmentation processes, helping to keep it healthy."

Potatoes and spinach

Other frontline tan foods include sweet potatoes, one of the most versatile vegetables that can be used for just about anything in the kitchen. Melani emphasizes "among the various vegetables, not only the orange ones help to support the tan, but also the green ones. Among these are spinach rich in vitamin A, C, mineral salts (including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron ) and carotenoids such as beta-carotene and lutein which make them excellent allies for the skin and sight. Some research has confirmed that the absorption of iron from cooked vegetables is greater but, to avoid the loss of vitamins during cooking, it is preferable and advisable , blanch the spinach for a short time, one minute is enough ".


Last, but not least, a noteworthy green fruit is avocado whose creamy pulp also contains many polyphenolic antioxidants that promote health as well as vitamins and minerals (it is an excellent source of copper). The doctor explains "A special feature for this fruit is the presence of beneficial fatty acids for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action. Avocados, as well as all foods rich in omega 3 and omega 6, particularly protect the skin from dryness and aging, helping to keep it young, luminous and elastic and prolonging the tan ".

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