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The anti-heat diet

Here are the 10 golden rules and the ideal foods to fight the summer heat and the resulting exhaustion

There are days when it seems like you can't do it. The thermometer reads 40 degrees and just looking at it feels worse. On the beach you sweat profusely even in the shade and office workers risk their lives every evening, when they leave the freezing temperatures of the air conditioning and face the burning temperatures of the parking lot, which is typically in full sun. The heels sink into the asphalt, the energies too. A remedy is urgently needed. And the best solution for not fainting and not feeling bloated like balloons comes from the table.


1) Drink a lot , at least two liters of water a day, in order to replenish the water and salts dispersed by sweating.

2) Eat lightly , lightly and often, adding a mid-morning and afternoon snack to your basic meals. This way you won't get heavy and keep your body strong.

3) Give preference to carbohydrates for lunch (they provide the energy needed to arrive in the evening without glycemic drops) and proteins for dinner (they are easier to digest).

4) Increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits , precious sources of vitamins and minerals.

5) Opt for simple cooking : steamed, baked in foil, grilled.

6) Avoid heavy foods : fried foods , excessive condiments, cold cuts and fatty foods in general force the intestine to overwork, which further strains the body.

7) To season, limit the oil and rather abundant with the vinegar which has a refreshing effect. To flavor, focus on aromatic herbs and use a little salt: it causes water retention and therefore swelling.

8) Limit alcohol : in addition to being very caloric, they hinder the dispersion of heat.

9) Do not exceed with carbonated drinks : they are rich in sugars, so they quench thirst only temporarily and are unnecessarily calorie. Furthermore, the carbon dioxide they contain causes the stomach to dilate, altering its functionality.

Avoid frozen drinks (heat shock can cause congestion) and hotdrinks (cause vasodilation, pressure goes down and you can pass out). Have you been told that hot tea is a cure-all in summer, like nomads do in the desert? It is valid only in the desert… A hot drink suddenly raises your body temperature, so you sweat more and the sweat evaporating causes the temperature to drop more than it had risen. This trick, however, only works if the climate is very dry (like in the desert) and if you don't have tight-fitting clothes, or if the sweat can evaporate quickly and completely. If you are in Milan in the middle of August, with a humidity of 90%, perhaps in a jacket and tie, don't drink hot tea! You will only get to feel bad.


In the morning . Ditch cappuccino and brioche and opt for a refreshing breakfast of fruit and yogurt, milk shakes, cereals, cold milk or tea.

At noon . Pasta, rice or couscous salads with vegetables, cold soups (gazpacho, ajo blanco, minestrone), mixed salads with the addition of legumes or low-fat cheese (quartirolo for example) are good.

In the evening . Prefer fish or meat with lots of vegetables, but also salads and soups.

Mid-morning and afternoon snacks . Choose fruit, yogurt, ice cream, sorbets and fruit milkshakes.

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