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The most refreshing foods

The most refreshing foods

Fresh and digestible, there are foods and recipes that more than others allow you to fight the heat by giving energy without weighing you down.

Summer at the table is a riot of colors, between seasonal fruits and vegetables and recipes that immerse us in a holiday atmosphere, even if we are in the city. But be careful not to overdo it: with the heaviness, with the condiments, with the cooking and also with the choice of foods that could tire the stomach and the body, making us suffer even more from the heat wave of the hottest weeks of the year. The table can be transformed into the best ally to pass the hours in which the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees unscathed.

All fruit
The first rule is to choose foods that are naturally rich in liquids. Summer fruit offers plenty of water: watermelons and melons are the kings of the table, along with cherries, apricots, figs, peaches, berries. Watermelon alone boasts 95% of the amount of water , eating a slice helps to overcome heat and dehydration even as a small half-day regenerating break. To vary and alternate, also giving the eyes the joy of the freshness of colors, prepare fruit salads by alternating the ingredients from day to day. Sprinkle a little lemon on the fruit, to increase the vitamin intake of the dish, and add a refreshing mint leaf. You just don't feel like fruit? Choose a sorbet with fresh fruit juice, or a cup of ice cream with your favorite flavor.

Vegetables? Better raw, or grilled
Summer vegetables also give you a way to cool off without weighing yourself down: eat them especially raw, to fill up on vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The maxi salads for lunch, the pinzimonos to accompany the proteins become a cheerful opportunity to refresh and change the colors on your plate every day: choose tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, celery, radishes, leafy vegetables of all kinds and flavors.
If you love cooking, try grilling the vegetables by putting together aubergines, peppers and courgettes: then season with a mix of spices trying not to overdo it with salt, and the taste will be guaranteed.

Meat or fish?
The taste is not debatable, but between meat and fish for lunches and summer dinners it would be better to choose the second. Rich in polysaturated fatty acids and highly digestible, it is a perfect protein for meals in the warm months . Grilled, baked, in a pan without abounding with the sauce, accompanied by cherry tomatoes or vegetables, the fish helps to fill up with goodness, and to control the line and temperature. For those who prefer meat, it is better to avoid red ones as well as sausages in the hottest period, preferring instead white meats such as chicken and turkey.

Pasta: a single dish to be eaten cold
Pasta is also a good anti-heat ally, preferably cold, already enriched with proteins (mozzarella, hard-boiled eggs, tuna) and vegetables (cherry tomatoes but also grilled zucchini, onions, depending on personal taste). Prepare it and keep it cool, to dose and use as a single dish, at home, on the beach or in the middle of a walk in the mountains.

Healthy summer habits
Finally, there are small tricks that allow you to enjoy the summer at the table in peace: the first is to never skip breakfast, and always respect meals , without varying the times too much, especially for the little ones of the house. The second is to continue to hydrate during the day sipping natural water, fresh herbal teas , possibly fresh fruit juices without added sugar or vegetable centrifuges, trying to abandon carbonated drinks and never overdo alcohol. The third is to measure the quantities too: prefer a single dish at the restaurant, avoid too sweet or salty preparations for a quick snack and prefer a good fruit ice cream.

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