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The real blood type diet

The real blood type diet

The blood group is one of the fundamental characteristics of the human being and is crucial for the immune system, digestion and metabolism. In the piece we talk about D'Adamo's theory, his new book and give some suggestions for the nutrition of each group

Blood groups for Peter J. D'Adamo are a genetic energy powerhouse with an important influence on the immune system, metabolism, and digestive processes. His theory is almost twenty years old, and the key concept remains the same: knowing the blood group is not only essential in case of accidents where transfusions are required, but it can also help to follow a diet that is harmonious with one's being.

Blood groups: a book explains it in detail

The first book of the naturopathic doctor Tailor-made nutrition was not a best seller in the classic sense. Yes, it has sold, yes, 7 million copies worldwide, but it did not make a bang immediately: it took a long time of word of mouth based, says the author, on effectiveness and results. Those who approach the blood group diet will notice the first changes in about ten days, but then the system can be adopted indefinitely because it is nothing more than a virtuous diet, in line with the needs of one's body.

Now, the new edition of the book is revised and expanded thanks to the collaboration with Catherine Whitney. It contains new information and new studies; it is titled The True Blood Type Diet ( click here for the book ) and tells many secrets of the fascinating lymph that flows through our veins.

D'Adamo maintains that, among those who follow this regime, many were soon in good health, full of energy, without the usual swelling after a meal; they resolve stress and, in some cases, gradually see more or less serious disorders disappear. Important results, therefore.

How the theory of blood groups was born

The first to have the idea that the blood group was an important indicator, to be taken into account for the person's well-being, was James D'Adamo, father of Peter. He continued to deepen his studies and concluded that blood group is essential for regulating diet and lifestyle. The characteristics associated with the blood type can guide achieving ideal weight and slowing down the aging process.

For this, it is necessary to know what are the origins of the blood groups. Simplifying the author's speech in the book, we can essentially say that the blood type tells a lot of our history. Group 0 appeared when humans were predominantly hunters, and type A begins to evolve with the development of agriculture. In contrast, type B appears when humans begin to migrate to colder and inhospitable northern territories. The AB group is the most modern and is the result of mixing between different groups.

The blood group is one of the person's characteristics and provides simple information, going far beyond and deeper than the characteristics of ethnicities and nationalities. In other words, two people with the same blood type, despite having, for example, one Caucasian and the other African traits, will have many affinities regarding digestive functions and immunological structure.

How the blood group diet works

The book tells you how to calculate your ideal weight. It is necessary to make calculations that are not very simple, but the book allows us to get there step by step.

Once again, simplifying a lot, we can say that those with group 0 (the hunter) must opt for a diet rich in lean and high-quality proteins. These people were originally programmed for action. To keep weight under control, therefore these subjects must above all limit bread, cereals and legumes. Some foods such as oranges, milk, corn, and potatoes favor the proliferation of harmful bacteria for the intestine. And many of these, along with beans and cow's milk derivatives, can trigger inflammation.

While they reduce pineapple, hazelnuts, walnuts, flaxseed oil, and fish rich in omega3, in short, for every food that disturbs the metabolism, the immune system, and the digestive system, others can instead favor their activities.

For group A (the farmer), animal proteins are not indicated: he will have to opt for a mostly vegetarian diet and avoid processed or excessively refined foods. Milk and its derivatives are also not ideal. Wheat is not contraindicated, as long as you don't overdo it.

Those with blood type B (the nomad) must avoid chicken and limit corn, wheat, lentils. At the same time, dairy products are perfect, even processed and fermented (obviously, no declared intolerances).

For subjects with blood type AB (the enigma), the matter becomes complicated because its nature is mysterious and difficult to decipher. Those with group AB must minimize foods that are poorly digested or poorly absorbed by the intestine and boost the intestinal flora. Stress has a noticeable effect on type AB and ,their immune system is tolerant, so there is a greater predisposition to infections, and the digestive system is fragile.

The perfect diet for this group is mixed; however, if you want to lose weight, avoid red meats, beans, and nuts, while tofu, fish, dairy products, and green leafy vegetables are fine.

In general, the book explains how foods are to be avoided and in which situations and even which physical activities are recommended, and which ones to avoid. Consulting the tables with beneficial, indifferent, and avoidable foods is a discovery. There are many for each type: all that remains is to identify your own, try to follow them for a few days, and see if, in fact, the psychophysical situation has any benefits.

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