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Tomato, a real beauty!

Tomato, a real beauty!

Silky smooth skin, tamed hair, sunburn under control and even mosquitoes kept at bay. The tomato is also a treasure for external use, in a great variety of beauty remedies.

Tomato is a superfood , which protects our health and beauty. Do you want to transform the age of your skin? Tomato. To benefit from its properties by consuming it as food, it is superfluous to mention, because never was an ingredient more versatile and popular in today's local cuisine. Let's go here to discover how to consume it for external use instead, in the field of beauty wellness that this solar energy accumulator gives us.

The tomato is perfect for use in summer, its season. First of all for the skin of the face. Are we used to seeing cucumber slices on our eyes? Perfect, now let's add the image of the tomato cheeks. It is an excellent refreshing tonic, which brightens the skin of the face. Just rub the slices gently on your face and then rinse them with warm water. Or use the juice, which can also be mixed with other ingredients.

A remedy particularly suitable for skin that is prone to oily, which in fact can also help fight any problems of acne and, given that its organic acids help to rid the skin of excess sebum. For this purpose, apply a real mask, made of juice and/or pureed pulp, and leave it on for a time ranging from a quarter of an hour to an hour, at least once a week. That said, the tomato moisturizes and smoothes all skin types, and can be combined with the most suitable ingredients for each type, such as yogurt (fat), avocado (dry) or cucumber (mixed).

Tomatoes are very good for irritated skin, and that includes mosquito bites (a slice of tomato on top will give relief) and sunburn. Which helps to prevent (by eating it) and to soothe, applying it when the skin is already red. And speaking of this color: like all red vegetables, tomatoes stimulate the production of collagen which not only protects the skin from solar radiation but helps reduce skin spots. Try applying the tomato juice (fresh!) On the skin, leaving it to act for about twenty minutes: after about ten days you should start to see the first results, that is the spots that are reducing. If you initially feel a faint burning sensation, don't worry: it's normal.

In the case of large pores, the tomato should be mixed with lemon or lime and applied for about 15 minutes on the affected areas. Another cleanser , which is good for everyone, is obtained by mixing tomato juice with milk, in equal parts, to be applied to the face and left to act for a few minutes. It can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days, nice and fresh.

And then the scrub: peel half a tomato in sugar (better icing, to be more delicate) and pass it on the face with circular movements, to revive the skin by removing the dead one. It is also fine to blend it, always with sugar and lemon juice. The tomato peeling is also perfect for the body, with its seeds perhaps mixed with other classic exfoliators such as oatmeal and a little olive oil.

Finally, let's move on to the hair: the illuminating effect of the tomato also affects them. Tomato juice will make them softer and more silky, just like skin. Apply it on damp hair, and also on the scalp if you have dandruff problems (in this case before the shampoo). The tomato mask is particularly suitable for dry and frizzy hair , which nourishes and helps to free from the dreaded "electric plug" effect. You can mix the tomato with yogurt and oil (olive or sweet almond), leave it on for about half an hour and apply it at least every two weeks.

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