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Trentingrana: the mountain in the heart

Trentino milk, Emilian technique, zero additives and only 3 ingredients: et voila the Trentingrana Dop, the mountain grana cheese that is now also available in the gourmet version aged 30 months.

New (good) news for "cheese lovers" : the first vintage of Trentingrana Dop Aged 30 months has arrived. The long aging enhances the intense aroma and the strong but never too savory flavor of this completely natural cheese , made only with mountain milk, salt and rennet, and processed in the traditional way in 17 social dairies in Trentino. A limited edition excellence, perfect for embellishing the party table or for a gourmet gift: only 2,500 shapes are available , destined to double in three years.

Typicality, naturalness and craftsmanship

Trentingrana is the tastiest and most genuine expression of the Trentino dairy supply chain , because half of all the cow's milk produced in this province is destined for this precious cheese . A fresh quality milk, which comes from 700 farmers, attentive to the well-being of their cows (mostly alpine brown), which are fed only with hay (obtained from mountain herbs and flowers) and with strictly GMO-free feed , without resorting to silage . The milk is collected every day of the year and the cheese is also produced every day, but only once, combining that of the morning milkingto that collected the previous evening, left to rest in the dairy all night and deprived of the cream that emerged in the meantime. The origin and territoriality of Trentingrana are guaranteed by the Trentino Quality Mark , clearly evident on the new packs of packaged or grated cheese (obtained only from whole wheels) that are sold in shops and in modern distribution. On the other hand, the control of the production chain is ensured by complete traceability, "from the mountain to the table ", and by the rigorous controls that are carried out in all production phases.

Trentino milk, Emilian technique
The production of Trentingrana is carried out according to the rules specified in the disciplinary of the Do p, according to a technique imported from Emilia, but each cheesemaker puts his own personal touch into it, especially when the curd is broken, which is performed with skill , at the right time and in order to obtain grains as large as corn . Then the curd is transferred into molds, pressed to remove the whey of milk and left to dry. After 48 hours the molds are ready to be placed in a solution of water and salt, in which approximately 20 days will remain. And it is only from this moment that the Trentingrana is ready to face the aging, which lasts from 18 to 30 months , during which it is turned and brushed, cared for and checked to verify that the aging is proceeding correctly . At the end of maturation, a wheel weighs about 36 kg and contains 500 liters of milk inside . Also for this reason Trentingrana is a nutritionally noble food, rich in calcium, proteins and vitamins (in particular A and D) and naturally lactose-free .

All the flavor of the mountain

The use of mountain milk, the feeding of the cows and the processing technique also make the difference in the mouth because they give the Trentingrana marked herbaceous aromas and an intense flavor with a pleasant soft base note. The intense aroma , the taste in perfect balance between flavor and sweetness, and the typical texture of its pasta make Trentingrana an ideal cheese for any meal. But they also make it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen , particularly in fillings and fillings, quiches and quiches. Grated it gives character to the first courses, such as risotto and pasta, and surprises in unusual recipes, such as sweet strudels , biscuits and savory puddings.

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