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Trento DOC

The history of Trentodoc began in the early years of the 1900s with Giulio Ferrari, a student at the Imperial Regia Scuola Agraria di San Michele, who, after many study trips to France, came back to Trento and was the first to start his production of classic method: small, but of high quality. Since then many followed him, until the recognition of the Denominazione di Origine Controllata DOC "Trento" in 1993, as the first in Italy reserved to a classic method.

Trento Doc represents first of all the land that produces it, Trentino. Trentodoc encompasses the climate, the altitudes and the essence of Trentino. From the highest peaks with an Alpine climate to the Mediterranean climate of the gentler slopes mitigated by the Ora del Garda wind to the continental climate of the valley floor: each glass brings with it uniqueness and character of its place of origin.

Trento Doc is a Metodo Classico sparkling wine produced with only grapes from Trentino. The harvest is done by hand and then begins the process in the cellar, handed down from generation to generation with passion and advanced techniques. The base wine, resting in the bottle, matures with the second fermentation and becomes Trentodoc according to the rules and process of the classic method.

Vines suitable to become Trentodoc, mainly cultivated with the Trentino pergola system, grow at altitudes between 200 and 800 meters (650 and 1,300 feet), with a climate characterized by significant temperature swings between day and night; vines and grapes that, once turned into wine, give it elegance, freshness and persistence as distinctive traits.

The only grapes allowed for the harvesting of Trentodoc are Chardonnay, whose grape is one of the most cultivated in the province (about 26% of the surface planted with vines), Pinot noir, Pinot blanc and Pinot Meunier.

Harvesting is done by hand and the "base wine" is subjected to slow aging in bottle, ranging from a minimum of 15 months to a minimum of 36 months for the riserva but up to 10 years on lees for the most refined and evolved Trentodocs.

Tasting notes

Its fine and persistent perlage is unmistakable.

The bouquet expresses fruity notes of apricot, toasted hazelnuts, exotic fruit, vanilla, bread, Golden apple, white chocolate, white flowers and jasmine.

Food Pairing

Excellent in the demi sec, sec and extra dry versions to be matched with sweets and desserts, it is, in the drier versions, perfect when matched with Trentino's meat specialties as well as pasta, rice and fish dishes.

Trento DOC sparkling wine is also delicious when matched to fried fish, shellfishes and white meat, and it is often matched in the tradition of Trentino with aged cow's milk cheese.

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