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Red Globe Grapes

Red Globe is a table grape obtained at the University of California in the 1950s, cultivated in Italy since the 1980s. Among the most recent varieties it is the most widespread (140 thousand tons), appreciated by consumers for its very large bunches (about 700-800 g and more), with large and round bluish-pink berries and with few seeds (2 or 3 per berry).

The skin is not very thick, pruinose (that is, with the typical whitish veil that covers the berries), with a medium sweet crunchy pulp. What makes Red Globe grapes interesting for the market are their late ripening (which allows them to be marketed until December) and good resistance to transport. In Italy, the first table grape producing region is grown, also with organic methods, especially in Puglia, along with four other varieties. It is also grown in Sicily, in second place.

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