The waffle is a small, crumbly and delicate sweet, which can be found on the market in different shapes. It can also be prepared at home with "waffle maker" consisting of 2 smooth or grooved plates connected by two handles, which open and close like a pincer.

The dough, made with eggs, flour, sugar, butter, milk and vanilla, is placed in spoonfuls on one of the plates and closed with the other; then the tool is placed on the stove and the wafer is cooked, first on one side and then on the other until it becomes golden and crunchy.

Once removed from the tool, the wafer, if it is smooth, can be rolled into a cannolo or cone. It is usually used to accompany sweet creams, but it can be even partially covered with chocolate. If made in a cone, the waffle can be filled with ice cream or whipped cream.

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