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Walnut strudel

Walnut strudel
1 Egg
2.5 cups Whole milk
1/2 Lemon
3 oz Breadcrumbs
Sugar syrup
4 oz walnut kernels
1 oz Raisns
1 oz Baking powder
17 oz Flour
9 oz Margarine
1 tbsp Sugar


1) To prepare the strudel dough with the flour with the margarine, soft in pieces, yeast, sugar, and milk until you get a dough homogeneous and firm. Soak raisins in cold water.

2) Mix the breadcrumbs with the nuts and the lemon zest; bring to a boil the syrup and a slice of bread crumbs with raisins. Spread the dough with a rolling pin, pour over the mixture and wrap it on itself.

3) Pluck the strudel with the beaten egg and let it rest for 20 minutes. Put the strudel in the oven and put it for 35 minutes at 170°.

4) To garnish, use the almonds: toast them in a pan over high heat and distribute them on the hot strudel.

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