Delica Pumpkin

Small (on average 1-1.6 kg), with a rounded and flattened shape, the Delica pumpkin has dark green skin with slight furrows which, when ripe, become brownish. The deep yellow pulp is firm and compact and has a very sweet taste.

The Delica - a pumpkin of Japanese origin obtained by crossing - is today among the most widespread in Italy, either for its organoleptic characteristics, or because, unlike other types, it can be purchased whole. It is a very early variety, available already in early summer; but it is in this period that we can count on pumpkins grown in open fields (and not in greenhouses) and of national production.

In contrast to the season, we import them from Chile and other South American countries. The crops are concentrated in Lombardy, as well as in Veneto and Emilia Romagna. After harvesting, carried out by hand, the Delica pumpkins are stored in dark environments, at a controlled temperature (13-14 °) and marketed until the end of December. Due to its dry consistency, Delica is very versatile in the kitchen : excellent fried, it is also ideal as a filling, for example in the typical Mantuan tortelli and in Ferrara cappellacci. Cut into 4 slices, steamed in just 20 '

Are you planning a Halloween party? These pumpkin fritters are perfect for your dinner: they are tasty, easy to make and can be served either as an appetizer or a side dish.

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